On Homosexual Issues

“So why in our insanity can this (homosexuality)—among alleged Christians, churches and denominations—become sanctioned in our day? Never in the history of the church has the body of Christ been forced to make a significant stand on sodomy, because there was never a question as to its standing. Why today? Because the world has declared […]

Abortion and the Early Church

[I do not know the religious affiliation of this author but this is an excellent article. I am still waiting for contrary evidence that the Christian Church does not view abortion as murder. Comments are welcome. This post stems from a “conversation” I had a while ago recently with a liberal Eastern Orthodox woman (a […]

On Abortion

First, how the Jews thought : Josephus (flourished 75-95 A.D.) “The [Jewish] Law orders all the offspring to be brought up, and forbids women either to cause abortion or to make away with the foetus; a woman convicted of this is regarded as an infanticide, because she destroys a soul and diminishes the race.” (Against […]

The Ecloga on Sexual Crimes

[With the “conversation” about sexuality, especially homosexuality, going on even in the Church today; I thought that this was historically relevant] Byzantine Law was effectively divided into two spheres, Ecclesiastical Law and Secular Law The Ecloga of Leo III (717 – 741) was meant an abridgment of the Corpus Juris Civilis, but there are several […]