The Third Rome

"Washington is the Third Rome–the imperial Rome, the pagan Rome, the Rome that worships its Founding Fathers as gods and its Constitution as holy scripture, the Rome whose senators buy the votes of the plebeians, the Rome that assassinates its emperors and demands “panem et circenses.” And if this is so, perhaps, it is not […]

On Homosexual Issues

“So why in our insanity can this (homosexuality)—among alleged Christians, churches and denominations—become sanctioned in our day? Never in the history of the church has the body of Christ been forced to make a significant stand on sodomy, because there was never a question as to its standing. Why today? Because the world has declared […]

Anselm and Athanasius on Penal Substitution

“Nor indeed (in Anselm’s Cur Deus Homo) is there any suggestion made that God is appeased by the “penal” death of Christ. . . . Anselm certainly depicts Christ’s sacrifice as an offering that somehow “secures” forgiveness by satisfying the demands of divine righteousness, on our behalf; but how far does this really depart from […]

Tertullian on Reading Prophecy in Scripture

“…Now there are two conditions of prophetic announcement which I adduce, as requiring the assent of our adversaries in the future stages of the discussion. One, that future events are sometimes announced as if they were already passed. For it is consistent with Deity to regard as accomplished facts whatever It has determined on, because […]